Monday, 21 July 2014

GK Questions 20 july evening session

P5+ country – Germany
Head of banks in US is – Federal Bank
Govt draw stake from which bank – AXIS bank
Capital of Malasia –
Total number of Rural villages in India
World Autism Awareness Day - April 2
Minister of external affairs – Sushma swaraj
Qualification of Current finance minister – lawyer
Head of committee for IPL Scam – Justice Mudgal Mukul
If RBI  increase CRR then -
WEF south asia held at which place
Why India banned milk products from China –
Hattrick goal in FIFA– Bert Petenaude(USA)
First Indian to win Oscar – Bhanu Athaiya (costume designer for the movie ‘Gandhi’)
FIFA Mascot – Armadillo
IBSA group fullform – India Brazil South Africa group
Which museum celebrated its 125th anniversary recently – Salarjung museum
Other name of ram setu – Adams Bridge
JK Rowling is author of book –  casual vacancy
Author of Cuckoo’s calling along with JK Rowling – Robert Galbraith
Air Asia country origin - Singapore

Sunday, 20 July 2014

GK Questions 20 july 2014 Morning Shift and analysis

windows vista is - OS
Recently Flipkart has acquired one of its rival - Myntra
music,speech and other sounds belongs to?
What happens if slr decreases?
slr ,crr related to which sector
Capital of Brazil - Brasília
Union minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers?- Ananth Kumar
Currency of Iraq - Iraqi dinar
Who scored the first hat-trick of FIFA WC 2014 - Thomas Muller
what do you mean by desktop?
World AIDS day is observed on - December 1
Union Government recently constituted a Special Investigation Team to check black money with its Chairman as - M B Shah
national football women winner -
opec has how much % of total oil – 81%
Currecny of Italy - Euro
Baiji oil refinery is located in- Iraq
Full form of PC – Personal Computer
Italy currency- Euro
Author of the Book 'The Causal Vacancy' - J K Rownling
One question related to Tamilnadu town?
Who got two times Jnanapath award (Oscar award)
who insures customer's deposit in bank -
Which is NBFC- sbi capital, ICICI venture, HDFC , M&M finance?
Which state own Women football winner?
Who owned 3 medals in World Shooting?
Who is Richest Player in FIFA?

Reasoning : Reasoning today was easy compared to yesterday. There was no INPUT-OUTPUT today also. Overall it was EASY.

Quantitative Aptitude : DI in this section was some what tricky and confusing. All the other questions was also ok and time taking. Overall it was MODERATE.

General Knowledge : Very Easy. ie., all questions asked were direct. No confusing answers. Also touched some general awareness, current affairs. Overall it was EASY

English : Asked direct and easy question. Order of sentences, wrong words etc are also good. Overall it was easy/moderate.

Computers/Marketing : The questions asked in this section was some what difficult. Overall this sections was MODERATE.

Now, the whole paper was satisfactory for every exam taker. Max attempts can be between 145 and 160

Saturday, 19 July 2014

GK Questions in 19th July 2014 Evening session

 sachin tendulkar coins were sponsred by - EAST INDIA COMPANY
 human rights day -  DEC 10
 road ,transport and shipping  minister -  NITHIN GADKARI
 WIMBLEDON is  for which game ? LAWN TENNIS
 financial inclusion means
 mutual funds ( question)
 vitamins question
 RIL & Network 18 Deal(in crores)
 Sahara the untold story Written by Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Amul set up Dairy worth 200 cr at which city
 RBI Deputy Governor – Urjit Patel
 China Currency - Renminbi
regulatory authorities of Cooperative banks & RRB's?
Empowerment of Adolescent Girls scheme, named after Rajiv Gandhi is -
Finanace Minister of NDA Govt – Arun Jaitley
Headquarter Of RamKrishna Math  located in -  paschim banga
Yoga University (Question)
OCR Full Form -
NEFT – National electronic Fund Transfer

ANALYSIS : SBI Clerk exam 19 july Morning Session

Seating Arrangement
Circle Arrangement
North-South Arrangement
Blood Relation
Data Sufficiency
Overall Reasoning Aptitude was Easy/Moderate. Can attempt – 31 to 33

Error Spotting
Reading Comprehension
Cloze test.
Overall English was Moderate. Can attempt – 32 to 35

Time and Work
Time and Distance
Profit and Loss
Overall Quantitative Aptitude was Easy/Moderate. Can attempt -30 to 32

Awards, Currency, Important days, Headquarters of UN , Games and Trophy Relation
RBI, SBI, Current Account Deficit, Countries and Capital, Counsel Ministers of Govt
Indian Budget, Recent Appointments, Technology
Overall GK was Moderate. Can attempt – 27 to 30

Computer Knowledge – Really very easy and basic question.
Marketing Awareness – The questions were Indirect.
Overall marketing and computers a bit difficult – 24 to 31